Forever Love

forever love

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Forever Love

Forever Love

I would like to begin with,few lines for my husband

How do I begin to tell you how
Lucky I am to have you in my life
I’ll start by saying what an honor it is
for me to be you wife
Forever Love 1
As we know that Valentines day, day of romance is celebrated for person whom we love. Its been 1yr of my marriage and I celebrated my first Valentine day with my husband after 2 months of our marriage. I got married in December & I was very much excited about this day. Ours was an arranged marriage &  soon after my marriage I was quick to realize that my husband is a very sober person, he feels for me but is shy to express his feelings. We were just about to begin our journey of understanding each other.

Forever Love 2
One thought came to my mind that 14th Feb would be the best day to express my feelings and also give him an opportunity to open up by creating a romantic environment.
Like every single day he woke up and got ready for office and wished me happy Valentine’s Day and went. During 9-6, I had lot of time to prepare and surprise him.
First I baked a yummy chocolate cake & placed it on dining table with beautiful decoration and candles around it to create a romantic environment. Just few minutes before his arrival, I dressed myself in his favorite beautiful red sari & matching bindi, bangles, jewelry.

Forever Love 3
Forever Love 4
After getting ready I was looking from window for him. When I saw him, I ran and switched off all the lights of our house and waited for him.

Forever Love 5
He knocked few times and when it was unanswered he opened the door with his keys. After coming he started calling for me, he was afraid as everywhere lights were off and nobody was answering him. It was then I came out from bedroom and lighted the candles around the cake & he spotted me. He was happy & surprised, that was priceless moment for me. After that we both cut the cake and took some pictures of each other for memory.Next day he gave me bouquet,a Valentine’s day balloon and a Platinum Love band to me

Forever Love 6
When I shared this with my family and friends I got many compliments which were priceless and memorable and happiest moments “Sone pe suhaga”
I would like to share some of them like ”  ya…… sab bata rahi hai………..” ,” vry sweet……added color to u n ur life is it…. tooo gud to see u both… bhai”,” romance at its best….!!:)”,”  ”ye dil sun raha h tere dil ki zubaaaa……””,”  oo hoo….. love is in the air…”,” tu mere saamne ..main tere saamne tujhe dekhun ki pyar karun…..”,”  Happy that we are not around to spoil the scene but feeling very bad that we missed the moment …..cuuute couple.. ”,” Sanso ko sanso mein dhalne do zara…….”,” Trip to fantasy world’s watching u both. tuchwood and God bless.”

Forever Love 7
These are some of heart touching compliments I have received…
Because of all these things we came closer to each other; I wish I could be through that moment every day.
Now after one year we are remembering those moment, I am lucky and happy to have one of the best guy in my life, love of my life, my loving husband…
Many words depict love and affection;
Demonstrate your care to perfection
My Valentines wishes to you my love
Should be something that blows you but I don’t know how
For my love,it is so difficult to capture my feelings towards you,
In just a few words to make them sound true
This was the day which I would definitely describe as our’s Platinum Day Of Love.I think this was the day when we both started feeling and realize that we are truly meant for each other.
Forever Love 8
I felt blessed that my husband gifted me platinum love band,

Forever Love 9

which perfectly symbolizes our everlasting love that we share now,tomorrow and always throughout our life.

The above post is written for the “Platinum Day of Love” contest powered by Platinum and Indiblogger

Forever Love 10

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