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I am feeling more than happy to Judge Famebox Webchef Contest at preliminary level there are lots of videos of very yummy and innovative recipes which will definitely turn up your taste bud.

It has become very hard test to find the best out of all videos but I found this video to be the best in my opinion. What is unique about Coriander Crusted Halloumi is that it has an innovative way & exquisite details which will appeal to any viewer who is looking up for a quick, easy & delicious recipe.This is also a very healthy recipe with very good description.

Though there are many contest but I think to be a part of contest will be the best part to learn and explore more about yourself.This contest gives anyone the opportunity to show their talent in terms of cooking.

This is a good opportunity for everyone who cooks and love to cook and want some breakthrough in their cooking Phenomena, you should participate in this contest and grab the opportunity. 

If you think you are a great cook please Go through Famebox Webchef the online hunt for India’s best amateur cook. If you think you’re good enough, send your video of you cooking a dish. The winner gets a chance to win Rs. 1 Lakh, host an exclusive Youtube channel under the Famebox Network and become the next Webstar!

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