Saffola Total Product Review

saffola-total product review

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Saffola Total is a new oil from the house of Saffola. 'Saffola Total' has 2X antioxidant power

Saffola Total Product Review

Saffola Total is a new oil from the house of Saffola. ‘Saffola Total’ has 2X antioxidant power

When it comes to cooking, Indians invariably heat oil to high temperatures. This leads to the formation of free radicals. The presence of a carefully designed Antioxidant system which withstands high temperatures can prevent the formation of these free radicals, thereby protecting us from their ill effects. Saffola Total gives  the power of 5 antioxidants while olive oil gives only 2.

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Saffola Total has the added advantage of LosorbTechnology
Saffola Oils are equipped with patented Losorb technology due to which foods cooked in Saffola Oils absorb lesser oil and therefore the total fat consumption is less/reduced. Quantity of oil consumed every day is as important as the right quality of oil you choose for daily cooking.
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Saffola Total also gives the benefits of Multi seed technology, a technology that combines the goodness of two oils in one.
Keeping cholesterol levels within normal range is of prime importance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), India also recommends the use of blended oils which uses a correct combination/blend of 2 or more vegetable oils to achieve intake of right kinds of fatty acids. Saffola Total is a synergistic blend of Rice bran oil and Refined Safflower (kardi) oil.
Rate for 1 liter Saffola Total:180 Rs
I totally recommend everyone to purchase Saffola total
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