Munna Bhai Baggout Shopping

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Munna Bhai Baggout Shopping 1

Munna Bhai Baggout Shopping

Munna Bhai: Hey Mammu  my college is going to start soon for that I have to do some shopping reeeee,hey circuit do you know any good website to do lots of shopping easily sitting in my room.
Munna Bhai Baggout Shopping 2
Circuit: Bhai bole toh … I have heard about one website is really very great site to do shopping.They help you and me spot that deal across all the big online retailers – Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Jabong, HomeShop18, Yepme, Fernspetals … they are all on Baggout.Product aggregation isn’t new in India – Junglee is an example – but Baggout has an extra attraction: cashback. Many of the deals showcased on Baggout have a cashback component in addition to the discount offered on the retailer’s site. For this, bhai you have to go to the retailer’s site via Baggout and punch in the associated cashback coupon code, if there is one. Baggout also tracks your purchases automatically and adds the cashback into your account.
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On the Baggout site, users can browse through a personalized product stream based on what their friends and other Baggout users seem to like and buy. They can, of course, search for specific products as well. Each product has a “Buy button” which takes you to the retailer and a “Like Button” which saves it in your profile to view later.
Munna bhai:Circuit could you please tell me how does it works?
Munna Bhai Baggout Shopping 4
Circuit: haan bhai Let me ask our other bhai’s and I will tell you. Bhai … tension nahin lene ka bhai
How Baggout Works
Once logged in, Baggout curates a shopping list for users based on their social networking connections on Facebook and products previously browsed or purchased by them. Once the purchase is made, users can share or recommend their purchase, based on which other friends take a look at the product.
“When we buy offline, we always take somebody along to get their opinion while online buyers buy alone.
Munna Bhai Baggout Shopping 5
Users receive cashback on purchases made when they shop via Baggout on a e-tailers website. The cashback is automatically tracked by a users’ Baggout account, and they receive it once the purchase is done.
Munna Bhai: hey ciruit “Jadoo ki jhappi toh banti hai re”
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