Mango Halwa

Mango Halwa is another delicious dish from mango

Mango Halwa

Mango Halwa is another delicious dish from mango.Summer season is best season to try all recipes of mangoes.This dish was prepared by cooking mango pulp and corn starch together in ghee; garnished with nuts.

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Cooking Time- 1 hour
Recipe Type -Desserts/Sweets

Preparation Time- 30 min
MangoStanding Time -2 hour


Cashew Nuts 1/2 Cup
Cardamom Powder 1/2 Teaspoons
Sugar 4 Cup
Water 1 Cup
Corn Starch 1 Cup
Ghee 1/2 Cup
Mango Pulp 4 Cup
Almonds 1/4 Cup


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1)Peel the mangoes and cut into small pieces. Grind them into puree.Heat ghee in a pan adds mango pulp.

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2)Take another bowl add corn starch and water make slurry. 

3)When heat up the mango pulp in this add cornstarch slurry and mix it well and keep stirring till thickened, 
add sugar mix this and add ghee mix it till the mixture is thickened this will take around 45-50 min. 


4)Once it moves at one single mass and separates from the pan,
add broken cashew nuts, almonds, cardamom powder, keep this mixing another 10 minutes. 

5)Pour the mixture on to a cupcake tray with butter paper and rest for 2 to 3 hours.Serve them as a yummiest dessert in a breakfast or after lunch or dinner.

Mango Halwa

                         Mango Halwa

                           Mango Halwa

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