Mutton Samosa

Mutton Samosa is one of the yummiest recipe and easy to prepare for appetizer,potluck or picnic.

Mutton Samosa

Mutton Samosa is one of the yummiest recipe and easy to prepare for appetizer,potluck or picnic.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 30 mins

Total Time:40 min


Green chilies-4-5
Turmeric powder-1tsp
Red Chili powder-1tsp
Mutton Garam Masala-11/2 tsp
Salt-As per taste
Cooking oil-1 tbsp

Outer Covering 

Flour(Maida)-2 1/2cups
Butter-2 tbsp
Baking Powder- a pinch


1)Put a oil in a large skillet,add chopped onion,green chilies cook for some time then add turmeric powder,red chilly powder,mutton masala powder and salt and cover it and cook until mutton become tender and crispy.

2)Take Big size bowl of serving size add Flour,Melted butter,Baking Powder mix all of them and knead the dough and keep it for at least 1 hour.


3)make a small balls from dough and shape them into small puri /circle shapes

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4)Cut each circle in half.

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5)Spread the paste lightly all along the edge of one semicircle. Pick this semicircle up with both hands and fold it into a cone shape. Pinch the side of this cone so that it is completely sealed.

6)Fill the cone with 3 tablespoons of filling. Press this filling down with your fingers. Now close the top of this cone into a triangle shape, pinching the top edge so that it is completely sealed.

7)Continue filling the rest of the samosas.

8)Heat about 1-1/2 inch of the oil in a frying pan on medium heat. To check if oil is hot enough place a small piece of dough in oil and dough should sizzle and come to the surface slowly.

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Mutton Samosa


Mutton Samosa

9)Place the samosas in the frying pan a few at a time.After samosas are floating on top of the oil turn them slowly.

 10)Fry the samosas until the samosas turn a light golden-brown color on all sides.
Mutton Samosa

11)Serve hot with any type of sauce or chutney

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