The PK(Pepsi Pk)

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The PK(Pepsi Pk)

The PK(Pepsi Pk)

I think the best and the funniest ad would be with the Radio and the PK

The Ad story is like this:-PK(when He landed to earth)- I don’t know where am I? what place is this?

The PK(Pepsi Pk) 1Common Man:-This is Earth and who are you (looking at his remote locket..and snatched and Run)

PK:- Ran behind him…and screamed return my remote.While running he snatched his radio and wore it.

The PK(Pepsi Pk) 2

After that he got some cloths from the near by village and without knowing what kind of cloth he wore mix match of women and men cloth.

The PK(Pepsi Pk) 3

PK;- asked one man that I am from another planet and I heard about one biggest event going to take place on earth in India so I have come here to attend it .

Common Man:- Please explain me what event it is..

PK:- I think it is with so many man in a field with two man in the middle with some stick to hit the round shape object and on the other end some another man comes and throw it towards them..its a kind of interesting for us in our planet and we used to watch it in our big screens.But this year I want to watch it live here on earth my planet sponsored it for me …please help me to know about this event more so that I can go and watch it live.

The PK(Pepsi Pk) 4

Common Man:-Oh!! got you I think you are talking about cricket Pepsi IPL…Oh Man for that first you have to get the tickets and go to the stadium and than you can watch it live ..very simple (and this man went).

PK:-(he was thinking..what to do next)…anyhow he got the tickets to watch it live at Mohali Stadium(Punjab,India).

The PK(Pepsi Pk) 5

PK:- Next day he reached there and was sitting in the stadium and match was about to start and he started screaming the other peoples around him asked him why are you screaming (“PK  ho kya”) then he said yes “Pepsi Pk”…..

The PK(Pepsi Pk) 6

Other People:-started laughing

PK:- No really its a very yummy drink ..even very famous in our planet too…”PEPSI“.

The PK(Pepsi Pk) 7
*** He enjoyed the match with lots of fun and off course PEPSI

“I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.”

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