Sea food cuisine

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Exploring the sea food cuisine in MumbaiExploring the sea food cuisine in Mumbai

Seafoodis any form of sea life observed as food by humans. Seafood mainly consist of fish and shellfish. Shellfish comprise various species of molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms. In old times, sea mammals such as whales and dolphins have been consumed as food, but it has become lesser in the present time. Nowadays edible sea plants, like seaweeds and microalgae, are widely popular seafood, especially in Asia. In many places”seafood” is considered as fresh water organisms eaten by humans, so all edible aquatic life may be referred to as seafood.
The harvesting, processing, and consuming of seafood’s are considered to be an ancient practices with historical evidences seeing back well into the Paleolithic. Discoveries in a sea cave at Pinnacle Point in South Africa indicate Homo sapiens (modern humans) harvested marine life as early as 165,000 years ago, while the Neanderthals, an extinct human species contemporary with early Homo sapiens, appear to have been eating seafood at sites along the Mediterranean coast beginning around the same time. Isotopic analysis of the skeletal remains of Tianyuan man, a 40,000 year old modern human from eastern Asia, has shown that he regularly consumed freshwater fish.
The ancient river Nile was full of fish; fresh and dried fish were a staple food for much of the population. The Egyptians had implements and methods for fishing and these are illustrated in tomb scenes, drawings, and papyrus documents. Some representations hint at fishing being pursued as a pastime.
Modern knowledge of the reproductive cycles of aquatic species has led to the development of hatcheries and improved techniques of fish farming and aquaculture. Better understanding of the hazards of eating raw and under cooked fish and shellfish has led to improved preservation methods and processing.
After getting a history and some facts about I think this has become easy to explore seafood cuisine in our nearby places.Let see what are the best restaurants in Mumbai to start hunting for the best and delicious seafood.According to me below are the few sea food restaurants with some delicious sea food menu and recipes which would definitely stimulates your taste buds.

Top seafood restaurants in Mumbai

Trusted restaurant where it comes to quality and timely service, not to mention our amazingly diverse ad scrumptious menu.Offer Chinese, Indian and Continental and are famous for them all. 23 years of experience, a delicious reputation for food and a commendable taste in music and entertainment.
Hotel Dashmesh Punjab is known across the city for extending its legacy of delivering authentic and mouth -watering food items to visitors. Spread over a vast area and bestowed with sophisticated interior, we offer comfortable seating and delicious food all together at our hotel. Hotel Dashmesh Punjab delivers hygienic, fresh and authentic cuisines. Our specialization lies in serving all types of food items to our customers be it Tandoori, Chinese, Punjabi, Sea food or anything else asked by our customers, based on their particular choices. The Kitchen that we have is a capacious automated unit which has been designed carefully and detailed to meet the Health & Food industry standards. The arrangements made here are among the best available in the market to serve quality and healthy food to the customers.
Hotel Golden Palace – Mumbai Hotel Golden Palace is located in the Kurla West part of Mumbai. The average rating indicates that the hotel is preferred by Couple, Single, Family, Group travelers. The minimum tariff for Hotel Golden Palace is Rs.2,300 and the maximum rate charged is Rs.3,500 Setting up your Menu Get a blank piece of paper and write down the answers to the following questions: “what are people looking for when visiting a property such as mine?” and “what are my competitors doing?” Based on our experience website visitors look for the following when they visit a hotel website: Prices Picture gallery (hotel and location) Rooms description Special offers Best rate guaranteed policy Ability to easily book a room Contacts/directions Local attractions Local events Hotel specifics (pet friendly.) Restaurant/ Bar Figuring this out will help you create your site map and keep you focus when writing content

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