Dining experience at restaurants in Mumbai

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Have a top notch dining experience at restaurants in Mumbai

Have a top notch dining experience at restaurants in Mumbai

“An international city with a classically Asian street-food core and incessant buzz, restaurants in Mumbai offer cuisines from all over the world, but visitors would be missing out if they didn’t have at least several Indian meals prepared in the various styles of different regions of the country.”

The sweet smells of aromatic herbs and the vibrancy of colored spices are inextricably linked with the Indian subcontinent.
But Mumbai has much more to offer than its traditional cuisine. Teeming with top class chefs and award winning restaurants, this culturally diverse metropolis boasts a wealth of unforgettable fine dining experiences for everyone.
Mumbai is the capital city of the Maharashtra state in India. This vibrant city is a hub for India tourism and offers visitors the chance to enjoy the country’s culture through music, film, sports, shopping, nightclubs and, of course, restaurants. While fast-food eateries serving regional favorites such as pau bhaji and kebabs line the streets, visitors also find no shortage of fine sit-down restaurants serving a variety of cuisines.

Regional Food

Many tourists yearn to sample the local cuisine during a trip to Mumbai. Restaurants serving regional food in Mumbai often offer favorites such as spiced meat kebabs and curries. Many of the traditional Indian restaurants even nix the cutlery and suggest patrons eat their meals by hand. Some of the best restaurants in Mumbai for regional food are like Sagar Family restaurant & Bar , Sigdi Restaurant , Delhi Darbar restaurant and many more.

Italian Food

If the hustle and bustle of the city leaves you craving a pizza or pasta dish, Mumbai has many Italian restaurants to choose from. Diners can expect to find everything from casual bistros to world-class traditional restaurants when searching for an Italian meal. Some of them are like White Multicuisine and many more.

Asian Food

Those searching for Asian cuisine find a variety of restaurants in Mumbai serving traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes as well as Asian fare with a spicy Indian twist. Some of the restaurant are Delicacy of China , Mr Chows  and many more.

Other Restaurants

In addition to restaurants that serve traditional Indian, Italian and Asian cuisine, Mumbai is home to many restaurants serving food from around the globe, including American and Mexican dishes. The best places to eat in Mumbai are Granville Greens, The Earth Plate ,Happiness restaurant and like this many more to explore and eat.

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