Clean Energy Should Be As Easy As Buying Organic Food

Clean Energy Should Be As Easy As Buying Organic Food

Signup through above link for free  and save 20$in your next energy bill.

We know you’re busy, and getting busier, and don’t really have time to think about your utility bill.
For 100 years we’ve been conditioned to get the power bill, make sure it isn’t too high, pay it manually, and repeat every month. There aren’t any options available, the bill is hard to understand, and we don’t really know what we’re paying for. Worst of all, when those bills are high (or really low!), we don’t really know why.
We get it. Someone needed to flip the industry on its head and make clean energy just as easy as buying organic milk or fair-trade coffee.
That’s why my co-founder and I started Arcadia Power.
With Arcadia Power, you finally have a choice when it comes to your home’s energy. Our service aims to be your home energy advisor, working in the background to support clean energy, new solar, and get efficient products into your home.
Once you join, you no longer have to worry about the impact your home’s energy is having on the environment every time you flip on the light switch. We do that by automatically matching your home energy use to green-e energy certified renewable energy certificates from wind farms across the country – helping those wind farms stay afloat for the long-term.
Each month you have the option of paying your bill by credit card or bank debit, automatically, so you’ll never miss a bill. And we actually benchmark your data, so you can see how you rank when it comes to the community and whether you’re higher or lower than the average.
Our community solar program goes a step further and for a small upfront fee, you can support new solar on the grid and get savings each month. Soon, later this year, we’ll be launching an efficiency ‘box’ sent to your door full of efficient home products to help you save money and energy over time.
With Arcadia Power, you only need to think about your energy once (when you sign up!), and we’ll take care of the rest because you shouldn’t need a PhD in energy to fight climate change. You just need to join the thousands across the country – in all 50 states – who are supporting wind and solar with us.
Get started today at

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