Yummy Bombay Grilled Sandwich

Bombay Grilled Sandwich is an interesting sandwich recipe

Bombay Grilled Sandwich

One of the famous street food of Maharashtra, Bombay Grilled Sandwich is an interesting sandwich recipe and is quite spicy in taste. This recipe is very good for breakfast or any snack time.

PREP TIME-10 min

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Slices of bread of your choice- 4
2 tablespoon butter
Mild cheddar cheese-grated
Chaat masala
Black pepper-powder

Chopped cilantro leaves-1bunch
Chopped green chilli-03
Chopped tomato-01
Boiled potato-cut into small round shape
Chopped mint leaves
Cucumber- cut into round shape
Chopped onion-01
OIl spray


Trim the bread on all sides(or leave it/your choice) and apply butter on a bread, then start layering the required fillings.

Place cucumber, tomato, onion, boiled potatoes, cilantro,mint,grated cheese,green chilies,sprinkle salt, and chaat masala.

Then place the other slice over one

Now spray the oil in Grill surface and now grill the sandwich until green button changed to red.

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After grilling, serve it hot.

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