Air Fryer Pizza

The air fryer is the best option to cook pizza , just like in a true pizza oven

Air Fryer Pizza

Don’t overthink about homemade pizza because now you have air fryer which will definitely makes it super simple recipe.The air fryer is the best option to cook pizza , just like in a true pizza oven.It’s beyond our imagination.

PREP TIME: 3 minutes
Cook TIME: 10 minutes


2-pack pre-made pizza base
1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp crushed tomatoes
1 tsp garlic, minced
Salt per taste

4-5 cherry tomatoes(cut to half)
1 tbsp small chopped onion
ground black pepper 1 tsp


1)Preheat the air fryer,set temperature to 320 F and press start.
2)Brush the top of pizza crust with olive oil.



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3)Next,start adding all the ingredients mentioned above.Start stacking on one another.
4)Now place the pizza carefully to preheated air fryer with the help of tong.
5)Set air fryer to 320 F for 10 min.
6)After 10 min your pizza is ready to eat.Use two pairs of tongs (or two spatulas) to carefully remove cooked pizza from the basket.
7)Serve hot.

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