05 Daily-Kitchen Hacks to Save Time

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Kitchen Hacks

05 Daily-Kitchen Hacks to Save Time

1)Keep bananas fresher, longer by wrapping the end of the bunch with plastic wrap.

2)Use an ice-cube tray or muffin tin to freeze fresh chopped herbs in water, olive oil, or stock for later use as a seasoning agent.

3)Scrub a wooden cutting board with coarse salt and massage with half a lemon to clean away food particles and food smells. Rub the board with food-grade mineral oil (find it at a hardware store) to condition the wood once a month.

4)The shells will get broken up and then slip right off when you rinse them. You can also try shaking the eggs in a closed Tupperware container.

5)place the garlic in the microwave for about 20 seconds. When we take it, we will see its whole coat is removed.

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