Appetizer 1
Sooji balls | Semolina balls | Rava balls
Appetizer 2
KARUPPU ULUNDHU ADAI/black urad gram dal dosa
Appetizer 3
Easy Egg Pasta
Appetizer 4
Medu Vada 
Appetizer 5
Raj Kachori
Appetizer 6
Appetizer 7
Dahi vada
Appetizer 8
Appetizer 9
Mooli Paratha
Appetizer 10
Carrot Kofte
Appetizer 11
Stuffed Sooji Idli 
Appetizer 12
Chicken Sausage Puffs 
Appetizer 13
Easy Mashed Potatoes
Appetizer 14
Green Onion Paratha
Appetizer 15
Beetroot Vada
Appetizer 16
Paneer Pakora 
Appetizer 17
Chicken Momos
Appetizer 18
Breakfast Omelet
Appetizer 19
Appetizer 20
Bread Crispy Roll
Appetizer 21
Shalgam (Turnip) Kebab
Appetizer 22
Onion Paratha
Appetizer 23
Dijonnaise Easy Pasta
Appetizer 24
Appetizer 25
Methi Paratha
Appetizer 26
Date Tamarind Chutney 
Appetizer 27
Palak/Spinach pakora
Appetizer 28
Aloo Paratha
Appetizer 29
Dal Kachori/Puri 
Appetizer 30
Green coconut chutney 
Appetizer 31
Egg cutlet
Appetizer 32
Pav Bhaji
Appetizer 33

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