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The Best Aloo Tikki Chaat

This is a popular street food of India . Aloo tikki chaat is irresistable. It is full of flavours sweet, tangy, hot and spicy. PREP TIME:10 MINUTES COOK TIME:20 MINUTES TOTAL TIME:30 MINUTES SERVINGS:3 SERVINGS Ingredients FOR ALOO TIKKI: 3 boiled potato, peeled & mashed 1 tsp red chilli… Read More ›

Onion Paratha

The Onion Paratha is a simple, everyday recipe that is nevertheless a wonderful treat for the plate.Onion Paratha is simple ,easy and quick breakfast as well as lunch box recipe.   PREP TIME:05 MINUTESCOOK TIME:10 MINUTESTOTAL TIME:20 MINUTESSERVINGS: 03 SERVING… Read More ›

Air Fryer Pizza

Don’t overthink about homemade pizza because now you have air fryer which will definitely makes it super simple recipe.The air fryer is the best option to cook pizza , just like in a true pizza oven.It’s beyond our imagination. YIELDS:4 SERVINGS PREP… Read More ›

Rice Vadi

This is one of the easiest and quickest vadi recipe from overcooked or leftover cooked rice. You can also eat as a healthy eating and breakfast. Prep Time:1hour Cook time:10min Yeild:10-20 Ingredients Overcooked/Leftover Cooked Rice – 2-3 cups Chili Powder –… Read More ›

Mooli Paratha

Quick and easy recipe to make Mooli Paratha without any stuffing. The grated radish is directly mixed into the flour and made into these crispy.During winter you will be served these mooli stuffed parathas. Preparation Time: 30 min Cook Time:… Read More ›