Easy Shakkarpara

Shankarpali or shakkarpara is a snack popular in India.It is traditionally enjoyed as a treat on Diwali. It is rich in carbohydrates, making it an instant source of energy. Shakkarpara is a sweet and crispy, deep-fried, diamond-shaped, Indian cookie. Prep Time-20… Read More ›

Krispie Rice Cookies

Krispie Rice Cookies Kids most favorite recipe krispie rice cookies treats and they can eat as a healthy kids recipe and also in their breakfast. Prep Time:10minCook time:15minYeild:5-10Tags:Nutrition facts: Ingredients Marshmallow- mini pktFree Shipping on All Orders at NewAir.com! Krispie… Read More ›

Easy Fish Tacos

NYC Prices page Fish Tacos It takes just a few minutes to prepare it and will also give you the taste of authentic mexican taco’s.Yummy and you can also eat in your breakfast or healthy dinner time. 🙂Prep Time:30minCook time:10minYeild:10Tags:TacoNutrition… Read More ›

Easy Almond Cookies

Easy Almond Cookies Most delicious and healthy cookies.This is Easy almond cookie you can make for Christmas cookies,Halloween cookies or just for your breakfast . Prep Time:30minCook time:1hourYields:10-20 Ingredients NYC Prices pageAll Purpose Flour – 2cups Unsalted Butter – 1/2… Read More ›

Kool Kulfi-" For The Hot Summer"

Kool Kulfi-” For The Hot Summer” The word “kulfi” is actually came from the Persian word as a covered cup. The dessert has its history and origination from the time of Mughal Empire during 16th century. Kulfi is a very known and popular dessert in Indian subcontinent. It is famous as… Read More ›

Tandoori Chicken-Restaurant style

Tandoori Chicken-Restaurant style Want to make Tandoori chicken restaurant style.Follow the recipe and you will be amazed with the outcome.TOTAL TIME: 1hr 10mins SERVES: 4YIELD: 12 pcs chicken INGREDIENTS FOR THE MARINADEPlain yogurt-2TBSPLemon juice-1TBSP Spices: Crushed black pepper-1tspGround cinnamon-1tspCumin powder-1… Read More ›

Date Biscuit Roll

Date Biscuit Roll One of the most healthy biscuit recipe,date biscuit roll. Preparation Time: 20 minCook Time: 5 minTotal Time: 25 minRecipe type:DessertAuthor: Aparna AnuragServes: 2-3 INGREDIENTS  1 cup washed dates1 cup of nuts (almonds, pistachio, cashews)1 tbsp pure ghee 1/2… Read More ›