dishes for dinner

Rice Vadi

This is one of the easiest and quickest vadi recipe from overcooked or leftover cooked rice. You can also eat as a healthy eating and breakfast. Prep Time:1hour Cook time:10min Yeild:10-20 Ingredients Overcooked/Leftover Cooked Rice – 2-3 cups Chili Powder –… Read More ›

Instant Pot Rice

Easy and Quick to prepare your Instant pot Rice Indian dinner cooking without any hassle. Prep Time:10min Cook time:10min Ingredients Rice-1cup Water-1cup Cooking oil-1tbsp Salt-as per taste Instant pot Instructions Instant Pot 1:1 water to Rice: Take 1 cup of basmati… Read More ›

Easy Fish Tacos

NYC Prices page Fish Tacos It takes just a few minutes to prepare it and will also give you the taste of authentic mexican taco’s.Yummy and you can also eat in your breakfast or healthy dinner time. 🙂Prep Time:30minCook time:10minYeild:10Tags:TacoNutrition… Read More ›